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Self Help and Self Referral


Sexual Health:

Services Include
  • Advice about and provision of all methods of contraception, including intrauterine contraception (IUD and IUS), long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and natural family planning. You can also learn about fertility and the reproductive cycle, and how to avoid or achieve pregnancy ourfree fertility awareness sessions
  • In-house referral for consultant-led clinics for complex contraception problems
  • Counselling and referral for male and female sterilisation
  • Emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referral for abortion
  • Cervical screening (smear test)
  • Young people’s sexual health clinics, including outreach services
  • Advice about gynaecological issues, including the menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual problems
  • Advice and referral for breast problems


Social Isolation

Social Isolation in Brent Initiative (SIBI) - Please call on 07415315998 , 0203 0111 698

SIBI is a joint initiative funded by Brent Adult Social Care, Brent Public Health, Brent CCG and managed by Brent CVS.
The aim of the project is to target and address social isolation in individuals who are over 18 and identified as being at risk of, or suffering from, social isolation, lack of social contact and low community involvement.
Social isolation could occur for a range of reasons but some groups are particularly at risk, such as:
people with long term illness
older people living alone and with no access to transport
people with low income
people with mental health issues
people with dementia
carers/older carers.

SIBI will help identify if there are particular issues contributing to isolation and signpost for assistance, as well as identifying ways of reducing isolation.
Just as social isolation affects different people in different ways how it can be resolved will also be different.

Therefore, SIBI will assist people to identify and access a range of activities including:
befriending or mentor services to increase social connections
social activities such as art classes, gardening, singing or book clubs to give people a range of activities that they can go to independently
volunteering – isolated people can have a lot of skills and experience that they may be happy to share with others or organisations but simply do not know how to.

How to access

Self Referral

Please call on 07415315998 , 0203 0111 698